«Ƶ celebrates National Coming Out Day

On October 11, «Ƶ celebrates National Coming Out Day.

National Coming Out Day aims to raise awareness for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. It champions the idea that homophobia thrives in silence and encourages open communication and support.

On this day, many people who identify as LGBTQ+ may choose to tell people about their sexual orientation or gender identity, often called ‘coming out’.

If someone chooses to do so, it’s a very personal and important moment in their lives. They may also face different challenges when doing so.

National Coming Out Day also illustrates the support available to LGBTQ+ people and is a chance to celebrate identity and togetherness.

LGBTQIA+ clubs at «Ƶ

LGBTQIA+ clubs at college are a supportive, fun and safe space for students to meet new people and share experiences.

The LGBTQIA+ Club is a gathering where you can enjoy healthy discussions around LGBTQIA+ issues. Everyone is welcome and intolerance will not be accepted.

As part of the club, we also aim to be part of local Pride celebrations. During Pride Month at «Ƶ, we show our #«ƵPride and get involved in parades. We do this to increase acceptance and tolerance across all campuses.

We offer these clubs at each college including:

  • Banbury and Bicester College
  • Bracknell and Wokingham College
  • City of Oxford College City Centre Campus
  • City of Oxford College Technology Campus, Blackbird Leys
  • Farnham College
  • Guildford College
  • Merrist Wood College
  • Reading College

To learn more, please contact your at your campus.

Support at college for LGBTQIA+ students

If you feel you would benefit from some support regarding your sexual orientation or gender identity, the Student Support and Safeguarding team are on hand wherever you are in your personal journey.

You can visit them on campus, call them on 01865 550 041 or email safe@activatelearning.ac.uk.

«Ƶ does not tolerate homophobia or discrimination of any kind across our campuses. We want all students to thrive in a supportive and accepting environment.

That’s why we’ve recently introduced the updated Progress Pride Flag lanyard for all staff at «Ƶ to proudly wear.